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Bert Romani

Bert Romani is an outdoor fan with three big passions: surfing, biking and skiing. As a snow professional he was connected for more then 20 years to the Dutch Ski Federation and was in charge of the wintersport magazines. In the Netherlands he is the wintersport trendwatcher! He has visited more then 400 ski area’s and still counting. He is always asked to give answer on the question: where to go and what do I need?

Windsurfing is his favorite beach sport. As soon the wind is starting to blow, he wants to rip the waves. On low windy days, he rides his bikes, on the road, on the trails or on the e-bike.

Mountain Publicity combines his passion for active sports and the mountains with the best network in the Netherlands. If you’re looking for PR, storytelling, sales and travel, Mountain Publicity is the One-stop-shopping partner.

‘Try to live the 100% fun rule. So get on your ski’s, bike or surfboard for 100 days a year, and live your life!’

Phone: +31 6 144 591 85