Mountain Publicity


We can give you the best advice in finding the right partner for publicity in the Netherlands. We are the eyes and ears on the Dutch market. With our big network of press and trade we always find a way to promote your mountain destination.  For create the complete package, from top to bottom. We are influencers we are the specialists for the Alps.

Connecting to people with Holland Travel Marketing
Why you should want to reach the Dutch traveller? More than 80% of the Dutch book their holiday online. The Dutch go on holiday almost 3 times a year (avg. 2.8). The Dutch spent over 12 billion euros abroad in 2017.

Our expertise
– Representative in NL/BE
– Content Solution
– Branding / Lead generation
– Strategy and Design

Online channels
– Display advertising
– Facebook & Instagram
– Video advertising
– Google AdWords
– Programmatic